Welcome to Help-Daniel's reward site

Hello, everybody!

  Thank you so much for your donations to me during this past year. Your contributions made a huge difference, paying for my medication, paying for my radiation, and paying for almost all of my MRI scans. All of this would have been so much more miserable and stressful if I had been forced to do all of these things while also knowing that I had no money to pay for them, and no hope of ever paying for them. I am doing so much better now, and I’ve been able to get back to work and put together a lot of content that you will hopefully be able to get a lot of use out of!

  I do apologize again that all of this has taken so long to get out to you: I kept wanting to revise the lines and polish the details, and add more content. I kept falling into the trap of wanting to produce enough work to fully repay everyone who was nice enough to contribute towards the “saving my life” fund, and eventually I just had to realize that nothing I do could ever really fully repay you guys, so I should probably just draw the line somewhere and make the content available.

  So, here is the website I have managed to put together with the generous help of my friends over this past year. The site is divided into three different Tiers, based on the amount of the donation that was given. As a reminder, here were the criteria for those who donated:

$10 • Desktop Wallpapers
We'll send you a download link for a pack of desktop wallpapers using high res copies of Daniel's art.

$50 • D&D adventure: The Bodiless
Explore the morbid and ingenious golem experiments of an ancient inventor-alchemist attempting to bring his beloved back from the grave. Includes desktop wallpapers of Daniel's art! We'll send you a download link for printable 150 DPI digital copies of Daniel's excellent DnD maps, campaign notes, scene art, and character art.

$100 • D&D adventures: The Full Set
All of Daniel's maps that we can reasonably package up and get to you by the end of this campaign. We'll send you a download link for printable 150 DPI digital copies of Daniel's excellent DnD maps, campaign notes, scene art, and character art. Includes all previous perks.

  The site is set up so that each individual who donated was emailed a unique username and password. These unique logins were sent out based on what “Tier” of content the donation qualified for, and will unlock the site for only that Tier of content, and any Tiers below that Tier. If you donated to access the Tier 3 content, you also have access to the Tier 2 and Tier 1 content. And Tier 2 has access to Tier 1 content as well.

  All content on the site has been uploaded as high-resolution, print-quality files (excepting the desktop Wallpapers in Tier 1, of course, which are not meant to be printed) with no restrictions. Where game maps or puzzles are difficult to understand or require some kind of “assembly”, I’ve included notes as to how the maps are designed to be used, and how the puzzles function. Characters and creatures all have their own description text in the notes, and I’ve also added certain key scenes and story notes from the Adventure that I was running my D&D party through before our game was put “on hold” by all the medical issues. While the content is not as complete as I would like it to have been, I hope there will be enough to make it worthwhile for the time spent waiting and the money donated.

Thank you all so much again,
  - Daniel Somerville